Recital Program, 03/24/2007
Variations on Ah,vous dirai-je Maman, K.265 W. A. Mozart
Felicia Zhang
Sonatina, Op.20 No.3,   III. Alla Polacca Friedrich Kuhlau
Sonata, Hob. XVI: 43,   I.   Moderato Joseph Haydn
Schmetterling, Op.43 No.1 Edvard Grieg
Playing Tag, Op.65 No.9 Serge Prokofieff
Jonathan Ye
Sonata, Hob. XVI: 37,   I.   Allegro con brio Joseph Haydn
Consolation No.3 Franz Liszt
The Cat and the Mouse: Scherzo humoristique Aaron Copland
Tong Xu
Sonata, K.457,   I.   Molto Allegro Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Nocturne in C minor, Op. posth. Frédéric Chopin
Sacro-Monte, Op.55 No.5 Joaquín Turina
Kevin Jiang
Sonata, Hob. XVI: 34,   III. Vivace molto Joseph Haydn
Venetianisches Gondellied, Op.30 No.6 (Venetian Boat Song) Felix Mendelssohn
Sonatina, Op.13 No.1,   III. Presto Dmitri Kabalevsky
Aaron Wang
Sonata, Op.10 No.1,   III. Finale: Prestissimo Ludwig van Beethoven
Nocturne, Op.9 No.1 Frédéric Chopin
Toccata Aram Khatchaturian
Victor Luu
About the Performers

Felicia Zhang is an 8-year-old third grade student at the Miller School, Westford, MA. She started her piano lessons at Philip Feng's piano studio in September 2004.

Jonathan Ye is 9 years old. He is a 4th grader at the Norman E. Day School in Westford. He began his piano lessons when he was five. He has been learning piano with Mr. Feng for four years as well as taking violin lessons at Day School for two years. He likes music very much, and enjoys playing piano.

Tong Xu is 5th grade student at the Charlotte Avenue Elementary School, Nashua, NH. He started piano lessons with Ms. Doris Thomopoulos of Lowell, MA in March 2004. Since July 2005, he has been studying piano with Mr. Feng.

Kevin Jiang, 11 years old, goes to 5th grade at Abbot School, Westford. He's been learning piano for 5 years. His current teacher is Philip Feng. He also learned the piano from Ms. Marcia Ruth Cohen. Kevin has a passion for classical music. Beethoven and Mozart are his two favorite composers. He won a town music talent show with his piano performance last year in his age group.

Aaron Wang is eleven years old, and an honor 6th grade student at Fairgrounds Middle School at Nashua. He started learning piano in 2003. After a few months, he showed strong interest and talent on playing the piano. He started his serious training under Philip Feng since July 2004 and made a huge progress. He enjoys bringing music to people whenever he gets a chance. He performed at Bicentennial Elementary School at his graduation ceremony, Huntington Senior Center, and Great Nashua Chinese Community Association. He committed to have piano as his company for his whole life.

Victor Luu is a 12-year-old 8th grade student at Elm Street Middle School. He has been playing piano for six and a half years. He started having piano lessons at Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM) Preparatory Division In Ohio, as a pedagogy student with Mrs. Olga Radosavljevich, the Dean of the Piano Department. After that, he was taking lessons with Cecilia Yudha, a student of Mrs. Radosavljevich for three years. Then, he was a student of Karl Lo, a faculty of CIM. After moving to Nashua, Victor is learning piano with Mr. Philip Feng.

Victor has participated in National Piano Playing Auditions in 2006 and received a "Superior Plus" rating. In order to offer his skills in voluntary services he plays piano once a month for Greenbriar nursing home (2005) and the Hunt Community nursing home (2006). Victor also serves as pianist for the church fellowship function occasionally.

Victor also plays first trumpet in the Elm Street Middle School eight-grade band and second trumpet in Jazz Band. His school band has won two gold medals in the Great East Music Festival. Victor is planning on learning drums in the near future. When he goes to high school this fall, he intends to join concert and jazz bands.