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Philip Feng's Piano Studio provides professional piano instruction on classical repertoire for all levels. Each student will have the best individual attention from the instructor to help developing his/her musical sensations and techniques, hence, to achieve the ability to perform and enjoy music in their lives.

There is a lot of hard work involved in learning to play the piano. Without regular practice time at home, the students will end up practicing at their lessons, rather than refining their music and learning new skills. Parents are strongly encouraged to participate in a student's practice schedule by listening and motivating the student. Daily practice is a must to make lesson time more beneficial to the student.

Individual piano lessons are held on a weekly basis for 30 or 60 minutes (as decided upon by instructor and parent/student). Parents are encouraged to stay in the lesson.


1. Tuition fee is paid on a monthly basis and it is due on the last lesson before the month. Payment should be put in an envelope on which the following are written:

  • The student's name,
  • The payment amount which the envelope contains, and
  • The date(s) of absence (if any)

2. No refund, credit, or make-up lesson for any cancellation by students, regardless of weather, or sickness, etc. Excused absences and lesson termination will not be charged only for those with a written notice (either on payment envelope or by email) on/prior to the tuition due day (please refer to the Policy#1). When a student's need arises for a schedule change, it is his/her responsibility to check the studio schedule and contact another student to swap lesson times.

3. Up to 3 uncharged absences are allowed during the session from September 1 to June 15. Beyond the 3 uncharged absences, students pay for any other missed lessons. Excused absences taken on the week Christmas falls in to New Year's Day will not count as one of the 3.

4. There is no limit of excused absences during the summer session, from June 16 to August 31. However, a student who misses more than 6 lessons in the summer session will not be guaranteed to have his/her lesson time slot reserved from this studio. Unusual circumstances such as a 7-week (or longer) trip will of course be taken into consideration.

5. If I cancel a lesson, it will be made up, or reimbursed (which will not count as students' absences).

6. To guarantee the quality of each lesson, it is fully students' responsibility to be punctual. No make-up for any time loss due to student's late arrival.

7. All students must wash (soap, rinse, and dry) their hands right before using the piano in the studio. Parents please help your child take care of their bathroom needs.

8. I regard a semi-annual Studio Recital a very serious and important event, as the final exam in a term. Please refer to "REGULATIONS FOR THE RECITAL" in the "Studio Recital" page.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated!

How to swap your lesson time for another student's?

Simply follow the easy steps when you realize you cannot make a lesson:

1. Log in the webpage below for the current lesson schedule and the students' contact Information. (Please ask me if you do not have the password yet.) Or, you may check the lesson schedule posted in the studio, and ask me for phone numbers or email addresses of students whose lesson times work for you.

2. Contact the student(s) whose lesson time(s) you wish to swap for. Unless the lesson time you are interested in is next to yours, please assure both your lesson and the student’s (or of the students combined) are the same in length.

3. Please inform me once both you and the other student(s) agree with the switch.



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